Environmental Management, Ltd. (EML) is a leading firm in the field of environment, health, and safety (EHS). As a client-centered company, EML is dedicated to providing top-tier professional services in the most effective and cost-conscious manner to ensure personalized, quality results.

With extensive experience, skills and knowledge, EML can assist in the management of your EHS concerns, ethically and holistically.

Provide top-tier EHS services with quality performance to enable a more sustainable and safe world.

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EML was founded in Montebello, New York, in 1983. EML serves New York’s lower Hudson Valley, Vermont and Colorado. Don Wanamaker, the founder and president, has always been passionate about the environment, health and safety. After almost 40 years in the business, EML has gained extensive experience and knowledge in the field of EHS, and has developed a reputation for innovation, integrity, and delivering quality results.