At Environmental Management, Ltd., we understand that each project is unique and demands careful consideration. That’s why ‘Clients First’ is one of the core values that drives our work. We are committed to delivering client-based solutions based on the extensive knowledge and experience we’ve developed over the years. As a result, EML provides a diverse range of services to assist in the management of your environmental and safety concerns.


Environmental Audits

Environmental  Audits are integral to the safe and efficient implementation and maintenance of environmental  policies. It is vital to have a reliable environmental assessment of your operation. Through detailed analysis and evaluation of products and processes for meeting compliance and management  systems, audits will help ensure environmental regulation standards are achieved.


Environmental Site Assessments

Due diligence management  is typically required during property transaction and transfer situations. Undertaking  the appropriate due diligence activities is critical to ensure environmental risks are accurately identified and addressed. EML’s thorough understanding  of agency requirements and processes has built us a reputation for preparing successful and thorough environmental site assessments.


Program Management

We collaborate with our clients to create the right strategy that will ensure their priorities are met and appropriate outcomes are ensured. We aim to provide exceptional results, managing and mitigating risks, while leading with integrity to provide strong return on investment.


Permit Applications & Administration

We provide permit monitoring and permit applications for a wide variety of regulatory programs, including but not limited to:

  1. Industrial waste disposal/treatment/recovery

  2. Wastewater treatment, Sewer Discharge & Stormwater Permits

  3. Groundwater Monitoring Programs

  4. Air Emission Control &  Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality Programs

  5. Bulk Storage & Tank Integrity Testing